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Thursday, February 3, 2011

From the NADO Research Foundation comes:

Restoring Regional Economies in the Wake of Disaster
Written by freelance writer Fred Baldwin, this report explores the pressing economic issues faced by regional councils and economic development organizations in the aftermath of natural disasters. Drawing from real world experiences of two otherwise vastly different regions—Cedar Rapids, Iowa and Galveston, Texas— and their responses to the Iowa Floods and Hurricane Ike, this report uncovers the unique roles these organizations play in revitalizing regional economic engines and the communities that depend on them. Also included in the report are insights gleaned from disaster recovery peer-learning forums attended by disaster recovery coordinators and regional economic development leaders from around the country.

To find the report online visit:

The NADO Research Foundation would like to thank all of the disaster recovery stakeholders who contributed to this report, in particular those who gave their time and expertise to tell the stories of Hurricane Ike and the Iowa Floods. We would also like to thank Fred Baldwin for writing the report and the U.S. Economic Development Administration for funding the project.

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